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What Will You Learn?

  • The two major umbrellas of Creative Writing are Creative Nonfiction and Creative Fiction.
  • 1. Creative Nonfiction
  • “Nonfiction” means writing based on actual events, persons, and experiences. Some forms of creative nonfiction include:
  • Personal Essay – here, the writer shares their personal thoughts, beliefs, or experiences.
  • Memoir – captures the writer’s memories and experiences of a life-changing past event.
  • Narrative Nonfiction – a factual event written in a story format.
  • 2. Creative Fiction
  • The bulk of Creative Writing literature is found under the Creative Fiction category, such as:
  • Short Story – shorter than a novel, containing only a few scenes and characters.
  • Novel – a full-blown plot line with multiple scenes, characters, and subplots.
  • Poem – uses specific rhythm and style to express ideas or feelings
  • Screenplay – script to be used for film production (e.g. movies, video games.)

Course Content

A brief introduction to what constitutes creative writing and course construction.

  • A. About Creative Writing
  • B. Why Is It Important to Learn Creative Writing?

Module 1: Creative Writing 101
Welcome to the Introduction to Creative Writing course! This module aims to provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills to embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression through writing. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring writer looking to enhance your craft, this module will serve as a solid foundation for your creative writing endeavors.

Module 2: Creating Fictional Characters
Character development is the crucial writing element of constructing a believable, unique, and comprehensive character for an overall narrative.

Module 3: Setting and Atmosphere
Settings are the “textures” of a story. They give the readers descriptions of happenings at the aspect of spatiotemporal alongside the immersion via emotional condition—mood—that the characters of the story currently in.

Module 4: How do we start from ZERO?
We all know we want to start writing for a given topic - how exactly do we find our perfect starting piece?

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