Emotional Intelligence

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About Course

This course is offered on the 4 weeks of study to help ASEAN youth adapt to the rigours of real life. This is achieved by helping them have a clear:

  1. Understanding who they are in terms of their strengths and capabilities.
  2. Understanding how they can manage themselves and their emotions.
  3. Understanding how they can manage their relationships with others.

What Will You Learn?

  • Become the youth who understands the importance of understanding oneself and being able to work with others.
  • Become the youth who recognizes the value of others and is willing to accept them.
  • Become the youth who understands the similarities and differences of other people, and thereafter be able to live harmoniously with others.
  • In the end, become the most valued youth in the world who embodies the ASEAN’s values of integrity, professionalism, leadership, and multi-cultural mindset that will benefit them in their future careers and society as a whole.

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
1. What is Emotional Intelligence? <br /> 2. Why does it matter? <br /> 3. Understanding who you are? <br /> 4. Knowing your own story (Family background time by time) <br /> 5. Self-Affirmation (What’s important to you and what do you believe)

  • 1.1. Get to know Emotional Intelligence! What is it?
  • 1.2. Who am I?
  • 1.3. I cannot understand my mind. Is it my emotional or intellectual intelligence?
  • 1.4. Why IQ isn’t everything?
  • 1.5. Assignment: Personal Development Plan

Week 2: Needs & Emotions
1. Types of emotional people <br /> 2. Emotions and feelings <br /> 3. Feelings or thoughts <br /> 4. Self-Management and How to Handle and Manage Emotions

Week 3: Time Management & Communication
1. Time Management and Acting Responsibly <br /> 2. Improving communication with others <br /> 3. Barriers to communication <br /> 4. Feedback vs criticism <br /> 5. The artful critique

Week 4: Working with Teams
1. Building trust and commitment <br /> 2. The Eight Social Awareness Tactics to be a Better leader<br /> 3. Sympathy vs Empathy<br /> 4. Empathy and better communication<br /> 5. Ways to encourage empathy

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