First-Aid Training

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About Course

  • Explore stepping in to help when an emergency occurs, preservation of life, preventing illness or injury from escalation, promoting recovery, relieving pain, and protecting the unconscious.
  • Learn first-aid studying cases and problems with interactive learning, discussions, and weekly quizzes.
  • Determine the candidate’s qualification with assignments and exams.
  • Gain First Aid knowledge to identify and eliminate potentially life-threatening hazardous conditions.


What Will You Learn?

  • Step in to help when an emergency occurs and make appropriate decisions for First-Aid care
  • Preserve life, prevent harm and promote recovery
  • Transfer and deliver care during a medical emergency care for a variety of forms of sudden illness

Course Content

Module 1
Introduction to First-aid <br /> The Human Body <br /> Circulation of Blood

  • Module 1 (Week 1)
  • Quiz

Module 2
Victim Assessment <br /> Wounds and Treatment <br /> Bleeding and Treatment

Module 3
Shock and Treatment <br /> Burns and Scalds <br /> Musculoskeletal injuries

Module 4
Joints and Muscles Injuries <br /> Poisoning <br /> Animal and Human Bites and Insect Sting

Module 5
Snake bites<br /> Basic life support<br /> Choking

Module 6
Unconsciousness <br /> Head injury <br /> Spinal injury

Module 7
Dressing <br /> Bandaging <br /> Miscellaneous Conditions

Module 8
Fainting <br /> Handling and Transportation <br /> Q & A session

Final Exam

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