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About Course

Have you ever considered furthering your education to the postgraduate level? If yes, this is the course for you.

ASEAN comprises ten nations that house more than 630M populations. With the convenience of the internet and accessibility to technology, undergraduates from ASEAN are better positioned to access different information. In spite of that, many students are not exposed to postgraduate studies. The course is designed to cater to those interested in knowing how postgraduate study will impact their lives.

The entire course is separated into six chapters (90 minutes for every session), with each covering a specific topic. All chapters will be conducted in a non-virtual condition, and a two-way discussion is expected. Each intake will be limited to around 10-15 students to ensure all participants have a fruitful experience.

Course Timeline

Every Saturday 10:00 AM (GMT+8) (Tentative time, our tutor will communicate with you after the enrollment)

Beginning from 12 March 2022, 6 weeks consecutive

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What Will You Learn?

  • Explore the reason for taking postgraduate education
  • The difference in all types of postgraduate educations available
  • Universities in ASEAN countries that offer postgraduate educations
  • Where to search for scholarships
  • Getting to hear the personal experiences from different people on their study journey
  • Access to a support group with all like-minded people
  • Make new friends with students from different places

Course Content

Chapter 1: Why Do You Want to Pursue a Postgraduate Study?
The first chapter is to allow the participants to understand the key objective and what assignments will be given throughout the course. As the course will require an extensive discussion and the participants will be expected to be proactive in raising questions, this session will serve as an ice-breaking for them to warm up. This chapter will also enable all participants to understand each other better before we proceed further.

  • Guide to Postgraduate

Chapter 2: Your Alma Mater
Chapter 2 explores the places/institutions that participants can choose to have their postgraduate study. Besides, different study modes will also be covered here (full time/part-time) (coursework/mixed-mode/research). Participants will be separated into small groups and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different modes.<br> - Covers universities available in the ASEAN region<br> - Ivy League universities<br> - Difference between coursework/mixed-mode/research

Chapter 3: Four Important Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision
As students get to know more about different options available while going for a postgraduate study, it is essential for them to take into these 4 factors before making a final decision. <br> - Family<br> - Financial<br> - Time<br> - Failure<br> Each factor plays a significant role and will impact the outcome of the student’s journey in postgraduate studies. All these will be elaborated, and the students will be allowed to discuss which affects them the most. Students will also be asked to raise another point that they think is important but not mentioned.

Chapter 4: Where to Search for Appropriate Scholarships
This chapter mainly covers the financial assistance available for pursuing postgraduate studies.<br /> Several prominent scholarships, especially involving ASEAN nations will be highlighted. Different resources will be shared for the students to do their research as well.

Chapter 5: Experience Sharing on Life in the University
This chapter will be a session featuring 1 external instructor (or participants) that has gone through life as an undergraduate/postgraduate to share their experiences. These stories will provide an insight to participants on how does life as a postgraduate will be. Participants can always ask questions to get more ideas on the journey they have decided to embark on.

Chapter 6: Setting Own Course
As we know, the postgraduate study path is sometimes lonely, miserable, and even lost. Therefore, it is vital for the participants to know and expect the challenges and set a target for themselves. This final chapter is for everyone to understand what they are going to expect and establish a small circle to support each other when they take the postgraduate. The relationship can be retained by creating the ecosystem, and most information can be shared in the future.

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