Public Speaking
About Lesson

Project Description 


The students will prepare a short type of TED Talks. Then, they need to present it in front of their friends in this course. This condition will practice themselves with online audiences, public speaking situations, and open-cam conditions.




  • The final project will be conducted in English
  • Every student of this course must finish a final project 
  • The duration of TED Talks is 7 – 10 minutes
  • The students could choose their topic on the condition that it shouldn’t offend and bring down any party
  • The students could use any property that could support their performance


Technical Aspects


  • The final project will be conducted on Saturday, 22nd January 2022 via Zoom
  • The maximum duration of the Zoom Conference in a day is 1.5 hours. If the numbers of students make the duration exceeds this maximum duration, it will be continued on the next day (by schedule).
  • The students who have scheduled on that day to deliver their TED Talks need to attend from the beginning till the end. 
  • The students must always open their cameras.


Preparation Estimated Duration


  • 2.5 hours


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