❝Unity among youths to help solve inequalities 

of teachings is the most beautiful education.❞

Introduction to AYO Academy

AYO Academy is brand new platform launched as an international non-partisan, and non-governmental structure established to promote easier access towards learning through online services, paralleling to the ASEAN Youth Organization motto and constitutes one vision, one identity and one community with youths around the world.

Our Vision

To help develop the youth community where different educational materials are shared through our Online Academy that seeks to empower youth, engage communities to instill and implement ideas that enables Positive Sustainable Change

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Our Mission

To foster opportunities for the youths to self-explore personal learning through integrated academy website as well as offer thematic positions for interested applicants to work and contribute to the bigger community with us

Our History

AYO Academy is a start-up platform that support the ASEAN Youth Organization initiative and sustainability. AYO Academy was established in 2021 and become a platform for Youth to learn the youth experts across the world. The Academy boosts expert content creators across a huge range of proficiency and studies who contribute to the platform with their expertise.

Our Team


Senjaya Mulia


Nawang Abna


We are open recruitment for Batch 2024!

  • Passionate in youth empowerment and creating impact for youth
  • A dedicated person who can work independently
  • Fluency in English and your local language is a must
  • Enjoy the work and have a sense of humor! 😀


  • Passionate in social media content creation, mainly Instagram stories, feeds, and Reels.
  • Talkative, interpersonal communicator and confidence person like you is a perfect candidate for this!
  • You will work directly with all the divisions in AYO Academy, so your teamwork is needed!
  • Able to design in essential apps such as Canva/Figma/Capcut would be preferred

Job Description

  • In charge of AYO Academy social media
  • Create weekly and monthly creative content in any creative activities
  • Create monthly reports of AYO Academy’s social media engagement development.
  • Responding to AYO Academy social media inquiries such as direct message


  • Passionate in content creation, such as writing, videos, etc. Creativity and the substantive person are truly needed!
  • Ability to develop engaging and interactive content for curriculum learning.
  • Able to brainstorm in creating partnership courses for new partners, let’s say a collaboration with AYO Enviro to learn about Sustainable Environmental Politics. The more collaboration, the better we grow together!

Job Description

  • Create monthly online course on AYO Academy platform
  • Create a monthly plan for online course substantive and its target
  • Track monthly progress development of online course
  • Track any learning development possibilities in making it the best online learning platform for youth


  • No experience is needed for a copywriter because you will learn with us! 😀
  • Interest in writing and research skills on youth empowerment and ASEAN-related fields.
  • Up to date to the news that youth are more attracted!

Job Description

  • Create monthly creative writing or article for website which fulfilled good SEO and readability
  • Track monthly progress development of your article
  • Assist social media specialists in producing good copy writing on social media publications (outside of social media creative content they made).


  • Ability to identify and build strategic partnerships with organizations and individuals relevant to AYO Academy’s mission.
  • Interest or experienced in digital marketing and partnership development.
  • Experience with social media, email, and other digital marketing channels.

Job Description

  • Increase the users/learners of AYO Academy courses by doing any marketing efforts and partnerships
  • Create partnerships in any program development, such as course collaboration, certifications, government support, etc.
  • Support social media specialists in creating marketing content purposes on social media.

Notes: Before you click “Apply Now!” please prepare a portfolio of your related work and take the time to fill in the short questions. Your answers in the Google Form will automatically saved, so you can always come back anytime as well!

*Volunteers will have opportunity to be recruited as Project Based Staff under ASEAN Youth Organization or AYO Social Enterprise based on performance and work result.

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