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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AYO Online Academy work?

AYO Online Academy offers a large collection of courses for all levels of difficulties to choose from. The courses are orientated towards the youth age group especially those from high school and university. Choose a course, follow the instructions given by the website and enroll successfully partaking your study journey.

What do AYO Online Academy Courses include?

Completion of the courses prescribed on the Online Academy Website will grant the candidate a certified and acknowledged certificate as well as a batch of completion. The candidate can collect a set of batches from a specific category to showcase interest and mastery to fellow users across the site. The website also hosts connectivity purposes and allows candidates to allocate as a junction point of communication for further accessibility.

Course: Do free courses offer lifetime access?

Free courses that are equal to (or) under the time-frame of three months are given validity of six months before expiration and stagnation of user enrollment. Those that are equal to (or) under the time-frame of six months are given validity of eight months before expiration and stagnation of user enrollment.

Course: Will I continue to have access to the course even when I completed it?

Candidates applied and enrolled at respective courses will follow through the guidelines and regulations of the completion and expiration requirements. After the given validity of the said course, the candidate will no longer be able to view the course as an user. For resourcing purposes, the candidate is subjected to contact AYO Online Academy for more information.

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