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Circular Economy

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This course is designed for all young generations across the ASEAN to receive a new experience about the circular economy, which focuses on remake  material. The course starts with an overview of some practical activities useful for recycling things. After that, there will be the common example and the strong economic relationship between ASEAN and Japan. Then the students understand the advantages of a circular economy and know the process of industry work. The typical activities throughout the course include completing the final examination at the last chapter. After the completion of the course, the student will get a certificate of completion ratified by ASEAN Youth Organization and AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee.

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Introduction to Circular Economy
In this chapter students will learn about the theory of circular economy and some practicals in the chapter as well as the purpose circularity economics were created. Moreover, the advantages of this process have rescued the planet and environment almost everyday. The particular goal as following; Understanding the theory of circular economy definition in general, Exchange idea during the breakout room with roommates, Improving self-awareness about product before we buy.

  • What is a circular economy?
  • Why is the circular economy important?

Discover The Beginning and The Concept
In this chapter students will learn about the trade of the basic economic concept in which all people have their own decision making, and they have their own choices to make their lifestyle live happily. However, we must understand: does it impact somebody else if we just do what we want? Thus, the following are the main goal: Deeply understand the long life of product use, thinking twice every time before decided to buy the produce for use, save the planet by using the reuse goods.

The Implementation of Circular Economy
In this chapter students will learn about some procedures of circular economy and the solution to practice in real life. Furthermore, all the students know how to imply the 5R’s solution in their daily life. Realizing the circular economy process and the products remake, understand the black side of the reusable product in the manufacturers, implies some critical solution in their living.

Global and Regional View
This chapter will learn about global and regional views in the circular economy regarding global demand with regional and country sample policy. This chapter will server 3 sub point : Global view of circular economy, the ASEAN economic blueprint response to circular economy, and Japan circular economic vision. Supporting video available to explain more about the circular economy in ASEAN. You will do some activity to explore your knowledge like identifying and analyzing.

Global Economic Cooperation and Partnership
In this chapter you will learn cooperation and partnership in global and regional to implementing circular economy with study case of Southeast Asia and South Asia. There are two sub point will deserve; Global Economy Partnership Needed in Circular Economy and Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and East Asia Driven to Implementation. At the end of chapter there is an activity that you can do explore more your knowledge and expand your view

This chapter presents examination as reflection of the course. There will be two methods of examination that are Multiple Choice and Essay that need to be answered by participants.

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1 year ago
This course is very informative! I genuinely enjoy this course. Thank you!
a very good platform that can be used as a module and distance learning tool regarding circular economic development in general, can find out about the collaboration presented in this system, and can be used as a forum for interaction of knowledge between countries regarding the development of circular economy progress globally. Thank you for AYO.
1 year ago
this course is si good
1 year ago
The course is particularly interesting and open up new perspective and understanding about waste management in the circular economy.
Winona Tapiru
1 year ago
Although not very in-depth, it is a good, beginner-level course that provided fundamentals on the global and more especially the regional action taken towards shifting to a circular economy.
1 year ago
yes its good
Informative & Best design Course contents
1 year ago
as an urban and regional planner, this course helped me to knowing what good policy that goverment created for prioritized inclusivity, sustainable, economic growth
1 year ago
A good introduction to understanding what is circular economy and how can we use the course not only for getting new knowledge but also to take tangible actions
1 year ago
This a very informative course
Good information
1 year ago
Excellent course
1 year ago
This course open a new horison regarding circular economy and rich of empirical practices that could be implemented in our daily
1 year ago
Very Good
1 year ago
This course is great
1 year ago
a very unique experience in learning something that now has a very high level of urgency given the many social economic problems that require political action through policies and designs such as the circular economy.
1 year ago
Even though I am a law graduate, this course really taught me the economy from the basics and how ASEAN can become a forum for discussion in strengthening the economy. I was really helped by this course and the learning method was very easy to understand
This course is an emerging and important field of study that focuses on reducing waste, presercing resources, and promoting sustainable economic development. This course was a great match for me who are interested in creating a more sustainable future and who want to learn about innovative approaches to resource management.
1 year ago
It's nice to learn new things
1 year ago

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