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NGO Organization Management & Sustainability

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What Will You Learn?

  • Participants will learn the principles of effective organization management and explore strategies for integrating sustainability practices into organization operations, especially from the perspective of non-profit or non-governmental organizations. Participants will develop essential skills to promote sustainable and responsible management practices through theoretical concepts, practical examples, and case studies.

Course Content

Chapter 1: Sustainable Business Practices
Introduction of the organizational management will enlighten the basic process of managing the organization and acknowledge about the importance of organizational management Introduction to Sustainability: Understanding the concept of sustainability and its importance in how the economy, society and environment can connect to each other Undering the Triple Bottom Line which particularly focuses on how to achieve the three pillars of sustainability - economic, social, and environmental aspects Understanding on how to apply the Sustainability into the Organizational Management

  • Introduction of Organizational Management and Sustainability
  • Sustainability in NGOs
  • True or False – Quiz
  • Video Presentation

Chapter 2: Leading for Sustainability
To know the definition of sustainable leader To identify characteristics and skills needed for leading sustainability Be able to engage with employee and coworker by advancing key learning engagement for professional and productive collaboration Be able to deal with and manage intra-conflict among team members by providing team building factors and its explanation To expand understanding from benefits of stakeholders engagement and risk of not doing so To know the importance of stakeholders engagement and its principles

Chapter 3: Financial Sustainability and Sustainable Marketing for NGOs
Learn how to create and manage budgets in a non-profit organization (NPO) to support sustainable financial practices. Develop problem-solving skills for financial management, enabling them to tackle real-world scenarios in NPOs effectively. Understand the importance of sustainability in finance and marketing and explore different financing options for NPOs. Discover the potential of marketing in promoting organization sustainability and learn how to create responsible marketing strategies and communications.

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