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After years and years of schooling, students may become more drawn to apply for foundations, universities or other institutions that are far more interesting and maybe beyond the outskirts of their hometown. So, what better way to use that opportunity to apply for ASEAN scholarships and exchange programs? The significance of these opportunities is to broaden the horizons of our students and develop important skills such as communication, leadership, and resilience. Furthermore, this could help encourage students to explore and promote intercultural understanding in ASEAN encouraging cross-country cooperation to create sustainable impacts. 

ASEAN Scholarships

The three scholarship awardees will be flying to Singapore to pursue their goals of getting quality education.

There are a number of scholarships available for ASEAN students who are interested in studying abroad and gaining more knowledge in the respective fields they are applying for. Some of these ASEAN scholarships include:


The CIMB ASEAN Scholarship is a highly selective, full scholarship for exceptional students from ASEAN countries in which CIMB has a presence. They are looking for individuals fuelled to go beyond the ordinary.

In recognising the evolving nature of the banking industry, CIMB welcomes applicants from a wide variety of academic disciplines. CIMB has previously sponsored applicants studying Computer Science, Data Science and Psychology, apart from degrees traditionally associated with a career in banking. For example, Accounting, Economics, and Finance.

This scholarship is in the list of top 10 full Malaysian scholarships to study overseas. After every year of study locally (candidate’s home country), the candidate will be bonded with CIMB for one year. However, after every year of study outside the candidate’s home country, candidates will be bonded to CIMB for two years.

Furthermore, this is a full scholarship coverage which means CIMB fundings include scholar’s tuition fees, resource fees, accommodation allowances, insurance, and job placements.


For younger students in Malaysia, they also have the opportunity to apply for Singapore scholarships in Junior Colleges in Singapore. After taking SPM, GCE O’Level or equivalent, students can apply for the pre-university year 1 scholarship. Subsequently, the student will be studying their A Levels in Singapore.

Similar to the CIMB Scholarship, this scholarship is also in the list of top 10 full Malaysian scholarships to study overseas. Furthermore, the scholarships covers annual allowances with hostel accommodation, settling-in allowance, return economy airfare for East Malaysians or return transport allowance for West Malaysians, school fees, examination fees for GCE O-Level and A-Level (once only, as applicable), and, subsidized medical benefits and insurance cover for accidents.


Each year, the Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides a number of scholarships to citizens from non-EU countries. Only candidates having good results in education, respectively an average of the study years, for the last graduated school, of at least 7 (seven) corresponding to the scoring system in Romania or the Good score, as the case, are eligible.

Applicants may select their study program of interest in all fields, with the exception of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. For Bachelor and Master, only study programs in Romanian are available, thus promoting the Romanian language and culture. However, at PhD level, applicants can also opt for a program in English or a foreign language set by the doctoral school. A preparatory year in Romanian is also granted prior to enrolling in the study program of choice, for those not speaking Romanian. The required documents include diplomas, transcripts, birth certificate and passport, CV – all described in the application process.

ASEAN Exchange Programs

Photo of exchange students in Stockholm Environment Institute in Sweden

For others, the idea of studying abroad in the long term may not be as appealing to others. Therefore, exchange programs are made to allow students to broaden their knowledge on their study of choice overseas for a certain duration of the exchange. 

One of these exchange programs includes the ASEAN Youth Exchange. The ASEAN Youth Exchange is a biannual project by ASEAN Youth Organization to encourage participants to explore and use the best possible solution to tackle issues that take place in their communities. Some of these issues include environmental, cultural, economic and social issues.

This project was aimed to give students and other youth participants the greatest exposure and opportunities by providing overseas visits to inspire youths.

In the ASEAN Youth Exchange Program, the delegates received many soft skill training by experts from different areas. The program is usually conducted in different countries for a duration of 10 days. In 2020, the ASEAN Youth Exchange was successfully managed in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. During the program, the delegates were able to visit National University of Singapore, University of Thammasat Thailand, and Bandung Technology Institute (ITB). We also had a chance to visit institutions and companies such as the ASEAN Secretariat, Facebook, Bank Indonesia, Gojek, and more.

Transformational scholarships and short courses offered to emerging leaders for study, research and professional development in Australia

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for these scholarships and exchange programs to create a sustainable impact before it’s too late ! 


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